How Innovation Works

Amazon secret. Reverse veto for idea sourcing. If there is a meeting and somebody is presenting an idea normally it would be that majority votes on it. In Amazon there has to be at least one person who likes the idea. If that's the case the idea will be shared to the people on the higher hierarchy ladder.

Innovation is about the trial and error

Precarious Innovation. In the 1950s, people predicted that the future would have supersonic jets and regular space travel, but hardly mention communication or computers. In the next 50 years next breakthroughs might be AI and biotechnology. If you go back to the 1980s and say who’s predicting search as a key to the internet, almost nobody…even the people who invented search engines didn’t realize that was what they were doing.

You cannot stop innovation. The book, What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly, talks about how many inventions were invented by multiple people around the same time. For example, it’s recorded that 21 people came up with the invention of the light bulb independently

Based on listening to a couple of podcasts where Matt Ridley describes ideas from his book. One of the best is Matt Ridley on What Got You There with Sean DeLaney, Podcast Notes