Material meat 🎨

Even if there is a high theoretical chance of something happening only IRL, material, tangible, the-closer-the-better examples will be more effective


Millennial tower is a skyscraper in San Francisco built in 2009. There was a fault in foundations and it started to tilt slowly. The building's tilting problem came under renewed scrutiny following the deadly collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida, in June 2021.

On a Sunday morning I am gonna go stand up really quickly because there is tangible $50 waiting for me. But if its only theoretical, healthy, productive mornings will make it so that as an effect I will earn more than $20 bucks I cannot motivate myself. What is theoretical, not tangible, removed is less motivating.

Out of sight out of mind. Hide a chocolate bar under a thin layer of paper and you are much more likely to not eat it.

Alterante names: Materiality druel, Material examples helps

To Do

draw image person with a face of a wolf eating shity food from an open box but there is another box behind a textile curtain like in a theater. Perhaps add when this strikes imagine yourself as this hungry stupid wolf who does this