100 Day Project


I am gonna record one idea from this website for 100 days and share it two times a week (Sun, Wed) starting from May 21, 2020. If I miss a day I am gonna pay $4 to Effective Altruism long term future fund. Format of this exercise comes from Micheal Beirut's

Fine Print

If I want to quit this project earlier I will pay $100 – before the 10th episode $60 – before the 35th episode $40 – after the 35th episode

I can potentially change the frequency to max once a day and minimum twice per week and have 14 days of vacation (but these changes should happen for the following week at least 4 days before it starts)

Changes log

May 30, 2021 → Jun 14, 2021

Nov 20, 2020 I take 9 vacations days until Nov 22, 2020 → Nov 30, 2020

Nov 15, 2020 Changed to two times a week from: three times (Sun, Tue, Fri)

Jun 24, 2020 Changed to three times a week from: four times (Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri)

Jun 3, 2020: I take 6 days vacation from Jun 7, 2020 to Jun 12, 2020

Why I am doing this

  • I want to find a quick way to share knowledge. I heard it's on average six times quicker to speak the information rather than write it.
  • I want to get accustomed to explain ideas to a screen as I would to a friend.

100 Ideas