Expert trap 🎨

More informed cannot fit into the shoes of less informed

More informed cannot fit into the shoes of less informed. Once you come over a certain threshold of knowledge you cannot explain it to the beginners.

I think this mechanisms has a broader consequences than it seems. Most of eduction system is broken. It is experts trying to explain things to non-experts and the whole beauty of the interconnected fields of knowledge disappear and knowledge becomes a dull exercise. See

This bias is known under the name: A Curse of Knowledge

Experts are often less effective at predicting reality

"Studies have found that deep expertise in a subject does not positively correlate with accuracy in judgement. As part of his research on forecasting, professor Phillip Tetlock conducted a study with 284 political experts, that generated over 80,000 informed (where the estimate matched the area of expertise of the individual) and uninformed predictions over the course of 20 years. Surprisingly, Tetlock discovered that specialists are less reliable than non-experts, even within their specific area of study. In fact, the study concludes that after a certain point, deepening one's knowledge about a specific topic is affected by the law of diminishing returns and can hinder the ability to accurately predict a certain outcome. The results of the study can be attributed to the fact that subject matter experts are more likely to suffer from confirmation bias and are more likely to feel the pressure associated with reputational damage, both of which can affect their ability to produce accurate predictions. from A Playbook of expressive products

People who know a lot are especially subjected to
Confirmation Bias

If you know something you are biased to find confirmations of things you know. So if you know a lot the gravity there might be even stronger. That may help explain

in science.

Experts motivated by status rather than curiosity

The more the expertise is driven by getting or guarding status the harder it will be to not to fall into the expert trap.

Experts often feels close minded

In every age there was a large group of people being in this static, finite mindset that the world is already understood. It doesn't matter if we think about Rome empire, Middle Ages or today. I think similar is true with contemporary experts: professors, politicians, business leaders

Socrates realized that "The more I learn, the less I realize I know". In this respect the more knowledge you gain the more open-minded you should become. However the opposite seems true. Some political, spiritual, scientific experts acts as if they know everything.

Uneasiness of not knowing

Knowing is a delusion that helps this people cope with uneasy feeling of not knowing, of living in the universe that is vast and way too complex to comprehend.

Sometime even I feel that branching out into new areas of knowledge might be a waste of time. I cannot go there. I already have so much to understand in areas I know some. For the expert who delve deeper, capitalized on some area of knowledge this feeling might be even stronger. There is a real trade off. Going deep vs going wide.

Very often state when experts are too deep, too specialized in particular knowledge so they are discounting all other knowledge that isn't at their level of expertise. Therefore its a lot harder for them to learn anything new.

Often they miss the aspect of interconnectedness of knowledge where the biggest breakthroughs occurs. And very often the key to biggest breakthroughs were about epiphanies that came from the interconnectedness of knowledge. See

The core of learning is having the beginners mind. Agreeing that learning is the motion of one thing leading to another. Agreeing that the more you know the bigger and more complex this world seems and this always will feel unfinished. One need to accept the world as not finished.

Expert trap 🎨

A person I won't name described how much he didn't like mid-level depth approaches of historians like Dan Carlin. This guy, given his depth of knowledge, might have dislike Dan Carlin because he could have done something similar himself and didn't capitalize on knowledge he had. His position may come from the emotion of envy. I think after listening to him I stopped listening to Hardcore History and his takes on history are helpful to me.

Other names: Expert rut, Know it all trap