Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan Show #1284

Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan Show #1284

There was a huge meteor impact during ice age.

  • Meteor caused enormous floods around 12,000 years ago. So ancient stories such as Noah's ark or Gilgamesh flood might be just referring to real events. Randall Carson proves this by showing the devastation of Eastern Washington topography link2.
  • There was a big undiscovered civilization during ice age that was wiped out from the map
    • Maps of Turkish captain from 1500 that were based on remnants of ancient maps from the burned Library of Alexandria (note on the map states that it is based on forty maps). Antarctica was included in it. However, it was discovered by western civilization in the beginning of the 1800s. Many traces on this map suggests there was a civilization long before Polinesian people (3000years ago) – Polynesians are currently regarded by archeologist as the first nation to use of complex navigation on the sea.=


  • Traces of Euro-Asian DNA were found in Amazon (no traces in North America). Hancock speculates that people get there by ships.
  • Amazon was a huge civilizational cluster and Hancock says that this is the most underexplored territory of the world. It is the size of Indian sub-continent and we currently know relatively little about it. There have been huge, advanced civilizations there that we know little about.

Clovis Dogma

  • From the 60s onwards, there was a dogma in American archeological society. Archeologists were ridiculed on public events. People lost grants and were kicked out of research institutions. The thing that couldn’t be discussed and researched was about looking for human presence in the Americas before 13,000 years ago. In the town Clovis they found remains from 13,000 years ago and clung to this date. Right now there is wide evidence that there was a life long before. Recently, archeologists found remains dating back to 130,000 years ago in San Diego. If this will be established we need to rewrite the whole history of humans. What if human life on earth started in the Americas? (See
    1492 Before and After
    for similar take on the Amazon)