Decision Collapse 🎨

When you made a decision, even if the original problem/need wasn't fixed, you are less likely to made another one because you just made it

A beach is on the left (10 steps) and a lake is on the right (14 steps). You make 2 steps to the right towards a lake and realize you would slightly prefer to go to a beach. Even though at this point two destinations are 12 steps away you continue going towards the lake because you already start going this direction. Similar Sunk Cost fallacy


when you go to cafe order green tea you are not gonna order red tea

What are decisions already made but are wrong. And i dont see the pronlems with them bcs i already made the decision. Even if the oryginal problem/need wasn’t fix. Even when you think about you could pay a small amount to make better decision.

examples: Chloe: we already have knive (yesterday we bought a knive and I feel it wan’t be good neough)

If you go to freemont you are more likely to go to greenlake

If you make a decision even if it is not optimal or not what you wanted. you are more likely to stick to it because you already made it.

Knowing this don’t help make me decision. How to make decision despite this knowledge.