James Clear on Sam Harris Show #200

On Habits

Breaking bad habits Reverse Clear's rules: 1) hide it 2) make it unattractive 3) hide it 4) make it unsatisfying i.e. hide it – unsubscribe from tech blogs (if you want to save on electronics). Or food blogs if you want to loose weight

Making habits 1) make it obvious, 2) make it attractive, 3) make it easy, and 4) make it satisfying. i.e. Make it obvious – if you want to start to read create a reading chair.

Spaces with behavioral clouds attached. If you often watch Netflix on the couch don't try to work next to it.

Set very small goals One guy make a commitment to be no longer than 2min in the gym. i.e. if you want to workout just start doing it for 5min (your body, clocks inside you need to get use to it)

Every thing we do is like a vote on the person you are trying to become

James doesn't thinks that instead of using "fake it until you make it mindset" approach it is more effective to just starting doing the habit in the smallest extend.

Intention implementation. Precisely specify time and location of a habit and write a sentence of . lot of studies confirmed it. i.e. I will workout on Wednesday on 5pm in my gym. 56:00