Adam Grant on Tim Ferriss show

Reflected Best Self

listen about the exercise 1:35:30

Challenge network

Adam values cultivating the challenge network. Set of people that are able to criticize his work, decisions, values.

Good ways of asking for criticism: "If you have to cut something out hat would it be?" "What’s 10% that you would absolutely keep."

Attention management > time management.

He recognized that focusing on time management could be destructive and could actually waste your time. Instead just focus on doing the work. He cities a study of sprinklers (5min of acts of kindness each day of the week) vs chunkers (5 x 5min in one day). It seems sprinklers will be more fulfilled, but in fact chunkers reported being more fulfilled.

Fav books

  • Mistakes were made not by me. (Ego gets in the way in just about everything and how to overcome that)
  • Quiet. Susan Kane. (for introverts, but extroverts love this book because they appreciate quiet)
  • Insight by Tasha Eurich (in self-awerness for peeps who don’t self analyze)