Sisyphus job

I feel there are so many instances in peoples lives that they fail one job over and over again. They change how they approach the problem and don't really realize that they keep failing one thing . I.e. I want to do something, make suppositions, strategy, system and start to doing it. Because of Contrast principle bias (bored?) I change my system without really sticking to it and carefully comparing the findings and and come back failing it again. How to prevent that from happening? Be really methodical in the ways we check results (quantified self). It’s about sticking with some assumption long enough to compare findings. Not a lot of people does it. Example: In old village homes in Poland there "zapiecek". It's an extension of the fireplace that you can sit or dry things. It has a really large surface. There is a tremendous joy to be able to get warm and sit on it. Designers of the modern home forgot about including it. If you experience siting on Zapiecek during colder days you will understand that this is a large miss. I think this is a common pattern. When designing something new people in order to rise quality discard quality.

It's maybe about not being able to withstand with things long enough to find results. Something is transformational to me if I would keep doing it in an extended way, but I get bored and switch.

Being good at something involves not breaking the chain of memory clusters (memory of how to execute, perform, define, link something). It's about creating a strong chain of memory clusters. With time you strengthen it and higher quality and more connections. We don't have time to be great at everything. Therefore we learn something and unlearn (forget) really quickly what were the findings. This comprises most of what we do in life. 99% of focus is wasted. Focus on 1%.


Reedit Sisyphus. working on the best productigvity system, changing from one version to another, bcs grass is greener somewhere else, and your short term memory is not being able to carry the differences. the and only way to compare is to do two week sprints and compare outcomes. This is so prevelant across peeeps.