Why we sleep

Why we sleep


Mathew Walker responded in an underwhelming way after some guy wrote a essay critiquing his work. I still think that below findings are true. But his not transparent reaction gave me a feeling that some of his finding might not be replicable

How to sleep well:

  • regularity (always go to bad at the same time)
  • keep it cool (~18C).
  • Things that deteriorate the quality of our sleep: alcohol, sleeping pills and caffeine (caffeine digests for a very long time, some people who are slow caffeine metabolizers ( a specific gene mutation) shouldn't drink coffee at all, others should have last cup of coffee mid day the latest)

Sleep is a Swiss army knife of health: • during daylight savings, one hour lost causes ~20% more heart attack, car accidents etc. • There is an army of kill-cells that get rid of i.e. carcinogenic masses from our body and if you reduce sleep to 4 hours the activity of it plummets by 70%. • During the deep sleep, our mind is creating the longest waves. On top of them, there is a very strong burst of electric activity is happening. (photo below) This has a function of bringing ideas from shorter-term memory (hippocampus) to longer-term memory.


Sources: I took this ideas from Matt Walker TED talk, podcasts with Matt Walker on Kevin Rose and Joe Roggan shows